For shipping timelines, please review our Estimated Transit Times.

Once your vehicle arrives at the Port of Destination, it will not be available immediately for pickup or transport. The vessel can take 1-2 days to unload, and then vehicles need to be transported to the off-dock locations where they will be made available for you to pickup. For vehicles that are being transported on your behalf to a final destination, our trucking carriers are allowed to retrieve your vehicle during the 1 to 3 days following the unloading of the vessel.

For information about our Terminal Locations:
  • Los Angeles (Buena Park) – autos only
  • Oakland (Maritime Street) – autos only
  • Arlington – autos only
  • San Diego – autos and motorcycles
  • Honolulu – autos
  • Honolulu – motorcycle drop-offs
  • Honolulu – in-operable and motorcycle pick-ups
  • Hilo
  • Kahului

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